26 Struggles Only Adults Who Still Sleep With Their Teddy Will Understand


1. Because you’ve had him so long, your teddy is starting to look a little worn.

2. He’s been through a lot.

3. And he’s had more than one operation.

4. But you know he’s just well loved.

5. Even when you go on holiday, you have to take your teddy with you.

6. Because you literally can’t sleep without him.

7. If you left him behind, you know he’d miss you.

8. And probably get up to all sorts of mischief in your absence.

9. Introducing your teddy to your S.O. is a big deal.

10. Because if they don’t get on, you know where your loyalties lie.

11. But if your S.O. has a teddy too, they can be best friends.

12. Although sometimes they look so comfortable that you don’t want to disturb them.

13. Even though they have no qualms about interrupting you during amorous situations.

14. Over the years, people have tried to replace your teddy.

15. Which is dumb because you can’t really replace a family member.

16. When it’s your birthday, you have to remember to celebrate your teddy’s birthday too.

17. When you’re poorly, there’s only one thing that can make you feel better.

18. No one is quite as good at cuddling as your ted.

19. But because you’re an adult, you wash your teddy regularly. Even though you know he hates it.

20. Eventually, your bear will start to go bald.

22. And your friends might be mean about him.

23. But who are you meant to use as a pillow if you’ve got no bear?

24. Who are you meant to go on adventures with if you’ve got no bear?

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25. Who will always be there for you if you’ve got no bear?

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