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Posted on Feb 15, 2014

31 Problems Only '00s Girls Will Understand

Why did Claire's earrings always turn your ears green?

1. Having to boycott TV, radio and the Internet every time a new Harry Potter book came out so as not to spoil the story.

Graeme Robertson / Getty

2. Figuring out what your most flattering webcam angle was.

auremar / Shutterstock

3. But then not being able to flirt with boys on MSN because your mum wanted to use the phone.

4. The handle of your Jane Norman carrier snapping on the way to school.

5. Your Baby G being confiscated because it beeped on the hour, every hour.

6. Deciding which song reflected your personality enough to feature on your Myspace profile.

7. And then working how to order your top Myspace friends.

8. Not being allowed to stay up to watch Big Brother.

9. Getting lost because the directions you printed out didn't include every street name.

10. Wearing your brand new yeti boots out in the rain and getting them muddy.

11. Claire's Accessories earrings turning your ears a bit green.

12. Not being able to find small enough batteries to replace the dead ones in your ring watch.

13. Your Tip-Ex pen getting gloopy.

14. Your sister accidentally taping over the film you recorded on VHS.

IKasparus / Shutterstock

15. The ongoing battle with your mum over chunky school shoes vs. sensible school shoes.

16. Not being able to see anything you'd written in your new banana gel pen.

17. Using these so much that your paper went kind of furry.

18. Deciding which CD to put in your Walkman for the school run.

19. Working out which five texts were worth saving.

20. Thinking that crimped hair would make you look like this...

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

... but actually looking like this.

21. Getting your hair caught in one of these.

22. Wearing so many hair clips that you got stuck to anything you leaned back on.

23. Your circle belt bending every time you sat down.

24. The sheer agony caused by brace wires poking into your cheek.

25. Getting overtaken by Kaori at the last minute on SSX.

26. Having a slightly unusual name and being the only girl in the year without her name on her hairband.

27. Deciding which "So...?" body spray should become your signature scent.

28. Using your "call a friend" card, but your friend not being in.

29. Having to delete last week's homework because your floppy disk was full.

Candace Hartley / Shutterstock

30. Losing your cheat code, so your Sims were really unhappy.

31. But worst of all, your mum ruining your favourite Tammy t-shirt by ironing over the plastic bit and turning it into goo.

kurhan / Shutterstock

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