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16 Pieces Of S Club 7 Merch You Wish You Still Had

Because then you'd be cooler than all of your friends.

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1. This fantastic board game.

2. These slightly creepy dolls.

3. A million copies of S Club Style magazine.

4. This signed photograph.

5. This super classy badge.

6. More slightly creepy dolls.

7. This very fashionable t shirt.

8. The best portable radio you'll ever see.

9. These practical-yet-stylish jogging bottoms.

10. This edgy leather handbag.

11. This useful lunchbox and flask.

12. This poster, annual and calendar that come in a commemorative box.

13. This truthful t shirt.

14. This fancy notepad.

15. This teeny, tiny photograph.

16. But most of all, Miami 7 On VHS.