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    23 Pictures Anyone Who Has Ever Taken An Exam Will Get

    When you hear everyone flipping the exam page over but you're still on question two.

    1. Revising:

    2. Opening your paper:

    3. The inevitable race:

    4. When you're not even half way through your answer booklet:

    5. When you're allowed to take in a single page of notes:

    6. Cheating the system:

    7. Seeing an 8-mark-question on a topic you didn't revise:

    8. When you're hedging your bets:

    9. Walking out of the exam hall:

    10. The inquisition:

    11. The difference between GCSEs and A Levels:

    12. Reaching your coursework word count:

    Warner Bros.

    13. When you can't take the boasting:

    14. THE PANIC:

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @JoeThrelfall

    15. THE GUILT:

    16. THE LIES:

    17. Being kept in isolation:

    18. Finishing your exam early:

    19. Your French oral:

    20. The analysis:

    21. Applying for a resit:

    22. Getting a favourable remark:

    23. When you open your results:

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