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    27 Photos That Will Irritate Anyone Who Has Ever Worked In Retail

    Sure, go ahead an unfold every item without any intention of buying anything.

    1. Hilarious graffiti on the display unit you just cleaned.

    2. Hangers that no longer face the same way.

    3. A pile of damaged goods that someone has helpfully forgotten to put in any order whatsoever.

    4. Stock room boxes that are about to fall over in 30 seconds.

    5. A returns receipt that has been ripped up before being presented to you.

    6. The new rota, which inevitably doesn't give anyone Friday off.

    7. Money that's been crumpled up before being handed to you, because it's not like you've got anything better to do anyway.

    8. Someone else's rubbish, just casually left on your display shelves.

    9. Toilet paper that your customers have helpfully thrown near the bin instead of putting it inside.

    10. A holiday rota that doesn't actually give anyone any holiday.

    11. Your first attempt at gift wrapping this holiday season, which you know looks bad but you can't work out how to fix.

    12. An entire aisle of goods that needs to be rearranged because someone thought it'd be funny to play a hilarious prank on you.

    13. A stock room piled so high that you won't be able to get everything out on the shop floor unless you can literally time travel.

    14. Customers who either can't read or think it's perfectly polite to speak on the phone throughout their entire interaction with you.

    15. A changing room full of unfolded, inside-out, make-up stained clothes that someone tried on but decided they ~didn't like~.

    16. A display counter you spent all morning folding, unfolded.

    17. The shoe area, after an indecisive child and its impolite parents have tried on every specimen without returning them to their rightful places.

    18. A returns receipt which you can't argue with, even though processing it is going to be a massive pain.

    19. Fake money, which you discovered at the end of the day when you were cashing up the tills.

    20. Clothes left on the floor. Just on the floor.

    21. This ground-breaking, and not at all passive aggressive, strategy that your manager left in your staff room.

    22. Your pen, mid-way through a stock check.

    23. These green beans which a customer helpfully abandoned in the nappy area of the shop.

    24. An tin of food that was probably opened by a screaming child but will definitely have to be cleared up by you.

    25. A shoe box that someone decided to sit on before returning to your shop.

    26. A display which you just spent half an hour constructing, only for a child to run into it and ruin everything.

    27. And a box of upwards facing security tags that are about to make you bleed.

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