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19 Questions That Get Harder To Answer The More You Think

So many paradoxes, so little time.

1. If the only thing I know is that I know nothing, do I know something?

2. If I ignore the rule "ignore all the rules", am I obeying a rule?

3. Is the answer to this question no?

4. If everything should be done in moderation, including moderation, should everything except moderation be done half as moderately?

5. If I want to get home from work, I must first go half-way home, then half of the half, then half of that half, and so on. Can I ever get home from work?

6. If I go back in time and kill my grandfather before he conceives my father, I have prevented my own conception. So can I not go back at all?

7. If asking myself, "Am I dreaming?" while I am dreaming proves that I am dreaming, what does it prove when I'm awake?

8. If we haven’t been visited by people from the future yet, does that mean time travel will never be invented?

9. If I were omnipotent, could I create a rock so heavy I couldn't lift it?

10. Is anyone ever really "here"?

11. In a village where the barber shaves everyone who does not shave themselves, but no one else, who shaves the barber?

12. There is nothing better than eternal happiness. But a jam sandwich is better than nothing. So is a jam sandwich better than eternal happiness?

13. If every cell in my body gets replaced over 7 years, will I still be me in 7 years time?

14. If my goal was to fail, and I failed, did I succeed or fail?

15. If you stole my pen and told me you'd return it if I guessed what you were going to do with it, would you return it if I guess you'd never return it?

16. If no one drives in London because there is too much traffic, who is causing the traffic?

17. If a stranger walks up to me and says, "Don't take advice from strangers," should I take his advice?

18. If I will be hanged between Monday-Friday, and it will be a surprise, I cannot be hanged on Friday because come Thursday night, it won't be a surprise. Same goes for Monday-Thursday. So how come I'm surprised when I'm called to be hung on Wednesday?

19. And finally, what is the chance of you getting this question correct? a) 50% b) 25% c) 13% d) 25%