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31 Times Pam From "Gavin And Stacey Was Genuinely Hilarious

"You are gonna watch me starve. Potentially to death."

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9. When she was unnecessarily stressed out about the prospect of maybe having vegetarians over for dinner.

BBC Three

Mick: "Why don't I just ring 'em and find out?"

Pam: "How stupid do you think that's going to make me look? When those vegetarians realise I wasn't thinking about them when I was planning. All I was thinking about was slaughtering animals and wrapping them in pastry. That's what they'll think."

Gavin: "Mum..."

Pam: "Mick, what are you still doing there?"


13. When she was brutally honest with Smithy.

BBC Three

"Why?! I'm a catch!"


"I'm a hoot, aren't I, Pam?"

"Well yes, but you're not everyone's cup of tea, darling."

17. When she thought Stacey was from Barry's Island.

BBC Three

Pam: "It's not fuss, Michael, it's preparation for the fact that, within the hour, your daughter-in-law will be returning to her marital, matrimonial home which she hates living in..."

Mick: "She doesn't hate it..."

Pam: "... in order to discuss the fact as to whether or not she will be staying here or Barry's Island."

Mick: "It's Barry Island."

Pam: "Ooh, d'you know what, Michael? You are bein' a right sarky bastard today!"

Mick: "It isn't Barry's Island. It doesn't belong to man called Barry."


21. When she was worried about her son on his first day at his new job.

BBC Three

Gavin: "I really can't talk right now."

Pam: "They're victimising you. You are the victim of a victimisation. Gavin, get out. Run home now."

Gavin: "Mum, everything's fine. I'm just with my new boss."

Pam: "Oh, my Christ! What's he like? Is he bald?"


25. When she imagined Mick speaking to his friends about her.

BBC Three

"'Oh, do you know what my wife Pamela had last night? Do you know what my fat, disgusting wide Pamela had? Three steaks.' Then they'll tell their wives and before you know it, I'll be known as Three Steaks Pam."

28. When she had a very good point to make about Christmas cards.

BBC Three

"What is the point of sending cards that arrive on Christmas Eve? They'll get taken down in a few days. That's why I send all mine on the first of November. Gives people seven weeks to enjoy them."



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