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    22 Of Your Childhood Toys That'll Make You Rich

    Children of the '90s and '00s, this is how you'll make your millions.

    1. Cabbage Patch Kid, £638.23

    These came before Beanie Kids, and you loved your as much as you would have loved a real life child.

    2. Furby, £320.71

    This guy was your '90s best friend. Until you couldn't get him to sleep and he kept you up all night.

    3. Cup Cake Doll, £103.59

    Nothing was quite as fun as turning these ladies inside out.

    4. Game Boy Colour, £610

    These were so much easier to play on long car journeys than normal Game Boys.

    5. Mr Frosty playset, £99.99

    The best way to cool down on a hot summer's day was a crushed ice drink. Obviously.

    6. Polly Pocket children's hospital, £150

    Nothing was worse than your mum hoovering up one of these guys, then having to take the hoover apart to find her.

    7. Baby Born doll, £57.99

    They blinked, they wet themselves, they cried... they were basically real children.

    8. Slip 'N Slide, £66.67

    The best way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon.

    9. Groovy Chick Activity Book, £40.17

    AKA what you spent every sleepover ever completing.

    10. Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel, £397.47

    You spent hours upon hours playing with these little guys, working out their family stories.

    11. Dance mats, £75

    Taking part in a dance off was the best part of any bowling party, so when you finally got your own, you couldn't have been happier.

    12. A single Puppy In My Pocket, £49.99

    You spent hours of your life trying to see through the non-clear packets to find out if you already had the one you were about to buy.

    13. Pin Impression, £48.98

    Except you Pin Impressioned your face, instead of your hand. Of course.

    14. Lava Lamp, £54.99

    So classy! So atmospheric! So seductive!

    15. Care Bear, £400

    Just look at her little heart shaped nose!

    16. Troll Doll, £64.18

    They're creepy, sure. But in a lovable way.

    17. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? board game, £61.04

    The most fun part was obviously phoning a friend.

    18. Crocodile Dentist, £42.11

    You had hours of fun poking this sneaky little crocodile's teeth back into his mouth.

    19. Easy Bake Oven, £131.65

    This is the reason you're such a good cook now: You started at a young age.

    20. Polly Pocket Ring Case, £90

    The most elegant piece of jewelry you could ever find.

    21. Spice Girl dolls, £144.32

    💅 Posh 💅 Sporty 💅 Ginger 💅 Scary 💅 Baby 💅

    22. A single Pokémon card, £1,500

    Break time would have been rubbish if you hadn't had Pokémon cards to trade with all your friends.

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