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    26 Memes To Send To Your Best Female Friend Right Now

    BFFs who pee together stay together.

    1. When you've been apart for too long:

    2. When you know what she's thinking:

    3. When the two of you come as a package deal:

    4. When she's down but you're there to cheer her up:

    5. When you get cramps at the same time:

    6. When you open the wine:

    7. When you're always there for each other:

    8. When you know you make the dream team:

    9. When you're the perfect match:

    10. When you're 100% yourselves around each other:

    11. When she's the one person who really gets you:

    12. When you want her to know how much you appreciate her:

    13. When honesty is the best policy:

    14. When you don't have boundaries anymore:

    15. When you see your crush across the room:

    16. When you're proud she made the first move:

    17. When she's the one person you always look forward to seeing:

    18. When you don't need to impress each other anymore:

    19. When she needs you:

    20. When she's always there for you:

    21. When you share everything you have:

    22. When you will always see the beauty in her:

    23. When it's time for chocolate, trash movies, and a night of clutching your ovaries:

    24. When you gossip while you pee:

    25. When you have no time for trash men:

    26. When you don't have time for male opinions: