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    London's 27 Abandoned Tube Stations

    Transport could have been so different.

    1. Aldwych.

    Piccaddilly Line, 1907-1994.

    Aldwych would have been the terminus of the Piccadilly line to Holborn and would have seen the Brompton & Piccadilly Circus and the Great Northern & Strand lines (which were never built) passing through it. It closed due to low passenger usage and the high cost of replacing its lifts. Nowadays, its platforms are occasionally used for filming.

    2. Aylesbury.

    3. British Museum.

    4. Brompton Road.

    5. City Road.

    6. Down Street.

    7. Drayton Park.

    8. Euston Road.

    9. Gillespie Road.

    10. Great Central.

    11. Heath Street.

    12. King William Street.

    13. Lord's.

    14. Mark Lane.

    15. Marlborough Road.

    16. New Cross.

    17. North End.

    18. North Weald.

    19. Osterley Park & Spring Grove.

    20. Park Royal & Twyford Abbey.

    21. Quainton Road.

    22. Shoreditch.

    23. South Kentish Town.

    24. St Mary's.

    25. Strand.

    26. Trafalgar Square.

    Bakerloo line.

    Charing Cross was originally called Trafalgar Square. However, by the time the station opened, it was called Charing Cross.

    27. York Road.

    H/t Abandoned Stations.