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    23 Things Everyone Who Is Grossed Out Easily Just Gets

    Please don't talk to me about poo.

    1. For whatever reason, you do not find poo jokes funny.


    You're aware that the rest of the world seems to find them hilarious, but you just don't.

    2. And no matter how hard you try to find toilet humour funny, you fail every single time.

    Disney Channel

    The process of excretion is gross. Sorry, but it is.

    3. But because everyone else in the world loves joking about poo so much, you've perfected the old ~smile and nod~ routine.


    You know how to switch off your brain so you can't hear anything while also appearing amused and engaged.

    4. On at least one occasion in your life, you have said "omg I am so full", and someone has answered "just go and do a big poo", and you have visibly retched.

    The CW

    Can you not.

    5. The fact that people in long-term relationships seem to have no problem discussing their bodily functions with each other makes you determined to remain single forever.

    Gold Circle Films

    Being in love sounds nice, but talking about poo does not.

    6. And couples who use the bathroom with the door open are your worst nightmare.

    7. Parents who change their babies' nappies in public are 10/10 gross.


    You know it's just natural and sometimes they have to, but no one has to have a baby. Think about that.

    8. And you have resigned yourself to the fact that you can never have a child.


    Did you know that when babies get a cold, one of the parents sometimes has to SUCK THE SNOT OUT OF THEIR NOSE? Eughhhhhhhhh.

    9. When people burp and then laugh, it literally offends you.

    The CW

    It's just not funny.

    10. Because you strongly believe that the only appropriate time to talk about poo is in a medical setting.

    Disney Channel

    And that's why you're not a doctor.

    11. Tbh, you even find an old dog accidentally farting pretty offensive.


    It's just not appropriate behaviour.

    12. But it's not just poo. You can't watch yourself having a blood test.

    13. And if you ever had to dissect a heart in biology, you almost certainly left the room.

    14. If one of your friends has a gross injury and asks you to take a look, you have to ask yourself how good a friend they really are.


    15. And if you injure yourself, you have to recruit someone else to deal with the blood.

    16. If you smell something bad, you can't stop yourself from retching.

    20th Century Fox

    It's awkward when the gross thing is someone else's breath, but you can't help it.

    17. And you always have to cover your eyes through the gory parts of films.


    18. In fact, you tend to avoid horror movies altogether.

    Paramount Pictures

    It's just safer that way.

    19. If one of your colleagues has been off sick, you avoid asking them what was wrong.


    The worst-case scenario is that they had a stomach bug and talk to you about their diarrhoea.

    20. Looking after a vomiting drunk friend is your idea of hell.

    21. And old people who have no filter and insist on talking to you about their bathroom habits are the actual worst.

    Walt Disney

    You know they can't help it but ugh.

    22. Sometimes people notice that you hate talking about poo and say, "Omg you hate talking about poo! You must hate this! So sorry!"

    The CW

    You do hate it and they should be sorry.

    23. Because you know that there are some things that it's simply never appropriate to talk about.

    Paramount Pictures

    You're not less close to your friends than other people; you just understand which topics are off limits.

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