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44 Life-Changing Moments For Girls Born Around 1990

Gareth Gates was robbed.

1. Obsessively collecting Polly Pockets, Puppy in my Pockets, and Beanie Babies.

And being absolutely convinced that keeping them in pristine condition would make you a fortune one day.

2. But being equally obsessed with looking after your Baby Born, Tamagotchi, and Furby.

You treated them as though they were your children.

3. Listening to The Worst Witch on cassette and being unreasonably excited when they made a TV series of it.

It now blows your mind that Felicity Jones used to play Ethel.

4. Owning every single piece of Spice Girls merchandise you could get your hands on.

And begging your mum to buy you white platform trainers like Baby.

5. Geri leaving The Spice Girls and your whole world falling apart.

6. Finally getting Dream Phone and spending the entire week counting down to Friday night when you could play it.

7. Not missing a single episode of Miami 7, Tracy Beaker, My Parents Are Aliens, or Kerching!

8. Getting your first desktop computer and WordArt transforming your homework forever.

You had a favorite and it was probably the rainbow one.

9. And the first time you used Encarta made you feel so ~high-tech~.

But your teachers soon cottoned onto the fact that you were just copy and pasting.

10. The last time you ate any of these snacks.

11. Begging your parents for Hush Puppies and chunky highlights so you'd look like Lizzie McGuire.

They probably gave into the shoes, but not the purple highlights.

12. Collecting all the Princess Diaries, Mates Dates, Georgia Nicolson, and So Little Time books.

13. The Girls in Love series being made into a TV series, and Ellie looking totally different to how you imagined her.

14. Buying your first Tammy thong and pulling it up as high as you could.

And insisting that thongs absolutely are comfortable to wear.

15. Watching The Blair Witch Project at a sleepover and not sleeping for a week.

16. Watching Footballer$' Wives, Bad Girls, Cutting It, and Nip/Tuck religiously.

17. When the first Harry Potter film came out and you realised it wasn't pronounced like "Her-meee-own-ee."

18. And when everyone was either Team Harry Potter or Team Lord of the Rings.

You had to choose. Liking both was not an option.

19. Really looking up to the "ladettes" of the early '00s.

Zoe Ball, Sarah Cox, and Davina McCall were everything you wanted to be.

20. Being obsessed with the TV show Popstars because it made becoming a celebrity seemed 100% achievable.

21. Feeling proud to be a woman when Girls Aloud beat One True Voice to the Christmas No. 1.

22. Learning what heartbreak really felt like when Gareth Gates admitted he'd lost his virginity to Jordan.

How could he?

23. Styling yourself based on these girl bands.

24. When you got your first BaByliss Crazy Braid and your first BaByliss Crimping Trio.

You looked so cool.

25. Spending every night updating your MSN away message and talking to total strangers.

26. Finishing every text with "xxx tb" just in case they didn't.

27. Getting a Digibox, which meant you finally had access to the best reality TV out there.

28. Crying at the last ever Friends episode.

29. When that guy cheated on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

30. Being obsessed with people getting together on all the talent shows that you watched.

31. The politics of who to put in your Myspace Top 8.

32. The day the Beckhams moved to America feeling like a weirdly big deal.

33. Being obsessed with makeover shows like How To Look Good Naked.

34. Feeling scandalised when Skins and Sugar Rush came out and you saw people your age have actual sex on telly.

35. Being repeatedly outraged by Big Brother, especially the teen series.

36. Doing yet another reading of "At a Potato Digging" in English.

37. Dance mats coming out and revolutionising your sleepovers.

38. Vehemently denying going through an emo phase.

And feeling very strongly about the distinction between emos, goths, and scene kids.

39. And then going through a big Jack Wills phase.

Your favourite item was obviously the gilet.

40. The last scene of The Hills blowing your mind.

41. Flirting with people by poking them on Facebook.

42. Getting to university and becoming obsessed with Chatroulette.

43. Spending every Saturday night eating Dominos pizza and watching Take Me Out.

Tbf you still do this.

44. But one thing will never change: You'll proudly wear your Uggs to the supermarket forever.

Uggs for life <3