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44 Life-Changing Moments For Girls Born Around 1990

Gareth Gates was robbed.

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5. Geri leaving The Spice Girls and your whole world falling apart.

All Action / EMPICS Entertainment

You vowed never to buy her solo material because you didn't want to support her decision to quit the band.

6. Finally getting Dream Phone and spending the entire week counting down to Friday night when you could play it.

11. Begging your parents for Hush Puppies and chunky highlights so you'd look like Lizzie McGuire.

They probably gave into the shoes, but not the purple highlights.

16. Watching Footballer$' Wives, Bad Girls, Cutting It, and Nip/Tuck religiously.

ITV / BBC / FX / BuzzFeed

And having your mind blown when Tanya Turner went from Footballer$' Wives to Bad Girls and then back again.

17. When the first Harry Potter film came out and you realised it wasn't pronounced like "Her-meee-own-ee."

Warner Bros.

Going to see Harry Potter at the cinema was always a solid birthday party idea.

20. Being obsessed with the TV show Popstars because it made becoming a celebrity seemed 100% achievable.

PA Archive/Press Association Images

And being outraged when you found out Kym Marsh had lied about having kids.

21. Feeling proud to be a woman when Girls Aloud beat One True Voice to the Christmas No. 1.


And then watching the video to "Sound of the Underground" on The Hits for the next year.

23. Styling yourself based on these girl bands.

EMPICS Entertainment / Press Association Images / BuzzFeed

You'd have given anything to be in the Sugababes, Atomic Kitten, Girls Aloud, or Mis-Teeq.

27. Getting a Digibox, which meant you finally had access to the best reality TV out there.

MTV / BuzzFeed

You never missed an episode of The Simple Life, Room Raiders, Made, or Beauty and the Geek.

30. Being obsessed with people getting together on all the talent shows that you watched.

ITV / Channel 4 / BBC / BuzzFeed

You watched Love Island, Shipwrecked, Fame Academy, and Big Brother exclusively for the couples.

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