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    Last Night Coolio Cooked Dinner For A Bunch Of Students In Lancashire

    I <3 Coolio.

    This is Coolio.

    He has sold 17 million albums worldwide.

    Everyone knows he's a pretty good rapper.

    But lots of people don't realise that he's also a gourmet chef.

    That's right. Coolio's got a cookbook. It's called Cookin' with Coolio.

    In it, he refers to himself as "king of the kitchen pimps." Its chapters are called things like: "SaladEatin' Bitches"; "Appetizers for That Ass"; and "It's Hard Out Here For A Shrimp."

    Last week, Coolio played a gig in Preston.

    When he came off stage, University of Central Lancashire student Olivia Johnson-Aley asked him to come round for dinner.

    And he did.

    They ate Coolio’s Caprese Salad, Chicken á la Daaaamn and Peach Crumble.

    "I not only learned how to sharpen a knife last night, but a lot of deep life lessons from Coolio," said redditor lorcantc. "All whilst sipping from a bottle of Patrón."

    Then he did a cheeky acoustic performance of "Gangsta's Paradise".

    Here it is.

    View this video on YouTube

    Coolio, you're the best.

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