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31 Items Of Clothing That '00s Teens Will Never Wear Again

Bye bye, Baby G.

1. Fur-lined puffer jackets from River Island.

Getty / Matthew Stockman

2. GAP fleeces.

3. Anything camouflage.


4. Baby Gs watches.

5. Flared jeans.


6. Yeti boots.

7. Ring watches.

8. Halter necks.


9. Colourful tops with unexplained rips to reveal further colourful tops.

Getty / Chris Hondros

10. Bare midriffs.


11. Circle belts.

12. Scarf belts.

Getty / Matt Cardy

13. Glittery hair swirls from Claire's.

14. Ponchos.

15. Hoop earrings and pink eyeshadow.

Getty / Anthony Harvey

16. Tattoo choker necklaces.

17. Hair bobbles made of fake hair$T2eC16FHJH!FFlg8Ys4BBRjn6YYQtw~~60_35.JPG

18. Charity wristbands.

19. Topshop girl boxers.

20. Jane Norman school bags.$T2eC16FHJH!FFlg8Ys4BBRjn6YYQtw~~60_35.JPG

21. Off-the shoulder tops.

Getty / Dave Hogan
Getty / Mark Wilson
Getty / Amanda Edwards

22. Tammy t-shirts with slogans about PRINCESSES and ATTITUDE and GIRL POWER on them.$T2eC16N,!y0FI,UZUqL5BSPfjoZOp!~~60_35.JPG

23. This dress from River Island.

Getty / Gareth Cattermole
Getty / Gareth Cattermole

24. Etnies.

25. MK One net tops.


26. Full-length denim coats with fur collars.$T2eC16RHJGUFFh9EojdmBSG2R!DqPg~~60_35.JPG

27. Fake ties from New Look.

Getty / Kevin Winter

28. Jack Wills gilets.

29. Studded belts, worn with the belt buckle on the hip.

30. Cargo pants.


31. And finally, jazzy earrings from Claire's Accessories.


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