22 Workplace Anecdotes That Will Make You Cringe

"I spilled a glass of red wine down the mother of the bride."

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We asked the staffers of BuzzFeed's UK office for the worst things they've done at work.



"Worked as a receptionist. When a call came in you put it in a system called Orbit and then announced it on the Tannoy so someone on the shop floor could pick it up. One day a man called Phil Rocket called. So I had to announce 'Mr Rocket is in Orbit' to over 1,000 people."



"At a magazine internship, I had to collect 25 celebrity quotes about Bob Dylan. I spent 2 weeks calling their agents and chasing them for quotes before I realised it was actually Bob GELDOF I was meant to be getting quotes on."



"A customer at a nightclub once nicked a mop and pretended that it was a giant penis and she was having intercourse with it. I continued mopping whilst she did it."



"I once worked in a Total garage. I was packing up a woman's shopping for 2 mins before I realised I hadn't been scanning it. I had to unpack it ALL and start again. I still think about it and cringe 12 times a day."