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    In Defence Of Boxed Wine

    Boxed > bottled, sorrynotsorry.

    We all know that wine is the nectar of gods.

    But sometimes one bottle isn't enough...

    Sometimes two bottles isn't enough...

    Sometimes you just need...

    Hello, old friend.

    So let's get a few things straight. Boxed wine is classy.

    It's cheap.

    And it's easy to store.

    Boxed wine is portable.

    You can't break it.

    And if you really want to, you can disguise it.

    Boxed wine is your friend.

    Your versatile, delicious, easy-to-drink friend.

    It's perfect for any time of day.

    So never be ashamed.

    For boxed wine shall never judge you.

    And you should never judge it.

    And, above all, please remember:

    The End.