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21 Important Things Only A Little Sister Can Teach You

Don't tell them, but sometimes little sisters are wiser than big sisters.

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2. There's basically no point in trying to keep secrets.

Because, whatever you're hiding, your little sister will eventually get it out of you. She probably won't tell your parents, but she will tease you relentlessly.

3. You may think you own your belongings, but really you only half-own your belongings.

There is an unspoken rule that says little sisters are entitled to borrow/steal anything their big sisters buy. And there's very little you can do to stop this.

4. Copying you just means she thinks you're really great.

It may have been annoying when you were younger, but the only reason your little sister copied everything you did was because she thought you were awesome <3.


9. A little bit of competition is healthy.

Whether you argue about whose hair looks nicer, who looks better in your mum's old jacket, or who can run up the stairs faster, there's nothing wrong with getting a bit competitive.


19. Conversations that start, "One day, when we're next door neighbours..." last at least two hours.

You could own a Pippi Longstocking-themed coffee shop one day. And even if it's unlikely, you should definitely plan it in intense detail.