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    21 Important Things Only A Little Sister Can Teach You

    Don't tell them, but sometimes little sisters are wiser than big sisters.

    1. Everything you do will be remembered by someone.

    Thought everyone had forgotten that denim, floor-length coat with a fur trim? Hahahahahaha, nope. Not your little sister.

    2. There's basically no point in trying to keep secrets.

    Because, whatever you're hiding, your little sister will eventually get it out of you. She probably won't tell your parents, but she will tease you relentlessly.

    3. You may think you own your belongings, but really you only half-own your belongings.

    There is an unspoken rule that says little sisters are entitled to borrow/steal anything their big sisters buy. And there's very little you can do to stop this.

    4. Copying you just means she thinks you're really great.

    It may have been annoying when you were younger, but the only reason your little sister copied everything you did was because she thought you were awesome <3.

    5. And while we're on the subject of imitation, having your own style isn't really a thing.

    Got a new jumper that your sister really likes? She'll have an identical one within the month.

    6. You'll never be too old to make your teddies chat.

    When you're in your mid-twenties and your little sister brings her stuffed pig round for a sleepover with your stuffed bear, you'll be very happy.

    7. It's important to listen to both sides of every argument.

    Because she grew up in your shadow, your little sister learnt to be a really good listener.

    8. Manipulating your parents is surprisingly easy.

    Little sisters can play the ~cute~ card, which makes them much better at getting what they want. Watch and learn.

    9. A little bit of competition is healthy.

    Whether you argue about whose hair looks nicer, who looks better in your mum's old jacket, or who can run up the stairs faster, there's nothing wrong with getting a bit competitive.

    10. If you kept everything to yourself, you'd go mad.

    And that's why your little sister is obligated to listen to your most trivial problems and never ever judge them.

    11. Anything can be turned into an adventure.

    Facing a four hour delay at the airport? "If you had to marry someone in this departure lounge..."

    12. And anything can be funny.

    Little sisters are the best at turning bad situations into hilarious ones. Which comes in useful at every family event ever.

    13. Someone who is mean to your little sister will make you angrier than someone who is mean to you.

    And you'll make sure they know about it.

    14. And you'll be prouder of your little sis than yourself.

    Remember how proud you were when you finished school? Wait 'til your little sister does it, and you'll reach a whole new level.

    15. People who make you cry more than they make you laugh aren't worth hanging out with.

    There'll come a time when you forget this, and your little sister will have to remind you. When did she get so wise, huh?

    16. Everyone gets drunk eventually.

    Seeing your sister get drunk for the first time will freak you out, but it will happen.

    17. You're amazing, obviously, but you're not perfect.

    It's a little sister's duty to point out her big sister's flaws. And it's a big sister's duty to listen.

    18. Films and TV shows are much better if you fast forward the boring bits.

    Because you grew up together, you like/hate all the same parts.

    19. Conversations that start, "One day, when we're next door neighbours..." last at least two hours.

    You could own a Pippi Longstocking-themed coffee shop one day. And even if it's unlikely, you should definitely plan it in intense detail.

    20. Being separated hurts more than you can even imagine.

    When you first move away from each other, you'll cry every day.

    21. But being reunited is the world's best feeling <3.

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