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    Older Sisters: Read This Post, Then Call Your Sister And Say Sorry

    It's time to take back all the mean stuff you did.

    1. Whenever you were forced to dress the same, you complained because you thought it was really lame.

    Twitter: @_its_stephani_

    Even though you knew your sister just wanted to look like you.

    2. And you went through literally all her stuff every time she left the house.

    Erin Chack / BuzzFeed

    You absolutely refused to give her any privacy.

    3. You never gave her anything she asked for.

    Twitter: @Lili_Claire

    You could get away with being a dick simply because you were older than her.

    4. You abused the fact that your parents trusted you all. the. time.

    Twitter: @Lili_Claire

    And you thoroughly enjoyed watching your sister get told off.

    5. But when your fights went too far, you begged her not to tell on you.

    6. Even though you always told on her.

    Twitter: @Thatso_VM

    You were the biggest snitch of all.

    7. You were weirdly competitive about showering at the very last minute, but also beating your sister to the bathroom.

    Cassie Smyth / Getty / BuzzFeed

    You'd do whatever it took to get to the bathroom first.

    8. You were mortally offended every time someone told you that you looked alike.

    Twitter: @StandardsRaised

    Even though, realistically, you looked alike.

    9. And sometimes you bit her hard enough to leave a mark.

    Twitter: @typoshowell

    Sometimes you even bit yourself and pretended it was her.

    10. You never, ever shared your food.

    Twitter: @crucioholland

    Even if you didn't like the food that was on offer, you'd keep it away from her just to be spiteful.

    11. You never let her watch the TV shows she wanted to watch.

    Twitter: @joceemartinez

    You were the older sister, so you made the rules.

    12. And whenever you were watching TV together and a rude thing happened, you covered her eyes.

    Twitter: @joceemartinez

    Even though the rude bits of TV shows are often the bits that are fun to watch.

    13. You've made this face at her 100 times before:

    You knew it infuriated her, but you did it anyway.

    14. And you never got tired of playing pranks on her.

    Twitter: @oliviagrillo

    Nothing was too far.

    15. You overreacted every time she tried to borrow your clothes.

    Twitter: @kristinagjordan

    Even if you'd grown out of the clothes she wanted, you wouldn't let her take them.

    16. If you went to the same school, you pretended not to know her.


    Talking to anyone in the years below you – including your own sister – was desperately uncool.

    17. You always took the best for yourself.

    Twitter: @JustDaiisy

    You were brutal.

    18. And even though you loved her really, you never let her know.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    You said the meanest things to her, but the nicest things about her.

    19. Because despite everything, you love her more than anyone else on this planet. 💞

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

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