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If We Talked About Men The Way We Talk About Women

"His wife must be loaded."

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There'd be assumptions about how men got their jobs:

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And their money:

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And no one would think men deserve what they have:

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There'd be intrusive questions asked:

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Sweeping, sexist statements made:

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Inappropriate slut-shaming:

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And cat-calls on the street:

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Men would have to justify how much they eat:

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How many people they sleep with:

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And what their bodies look like:

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Women would ask men to do chores:

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Be surprised when men are funny:

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Speculate over why men have jobs:

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And ask probing questions about their hormones:

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Women would assume men only go to the gym to impress them:

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They'd make derogatory remarks:

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And tell men how not to feel:

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People would come up with theories about why men go to university:

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Wonder whether they're good in the kitchen:

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And comment on the tone of men's voices:

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Girlfriends would tell their boyfriends how to dress:

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Carry their bags:

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And act pleased when their boyfriends are ~girly~:

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Men would bitch about each other's bodies:

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Make meaningless remarks based on hair colour:

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And come up with lazy alternatives to work:

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Women would show patronising concern when men seem tense:

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Use meaningless adjectives:

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Comment on the dowdiness of men's clothing:

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Find it cute when men say stupid things:

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And be confused about why guys always go for bad girls:

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