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I Did Karaoke With The Cast Of "TOWIE" And Now I'm Worried I'll Never Be That Happy Again

Best. Night. Ever.

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2. Doing karaoke with a bunch of strangers is painfully awkward.

And although it kind of felt like the TOWIE cast were being treated like performing monkeys, they handled it extremely well. Jasmin was the first person to take to the microphone and soon had everyone up and singing.


5. This clip really doesn't do them justice, but most of the cast sounded like they'd had musical theatre training.

And when I asked Jasmin, she told me that she does want to be a professional singer.


7. James gets confused very easily.

@JamesLockie86 thought we were goin to Box "nightclub" its "Karaoke Box" stuck in a room of screeching girls

Danielle Armstrong@Daniarmstrong88

@JamesLockie86 thought we were goin to Box "nightclub" its "Karaoke Box" stuck in a room of screeching girls

09:02 PM - 18 Feb 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

He also winks at people when he meets them, which is confusing and exciting in equal measure.

8. Jasmin is the nicest girl in the whole world and I want her to be my best friend.

She's funny, interesting and one of those people who instantly makes you feel at ease.


11. Bobby's phone case is decorated with a caricature of Bobby.

12. TOWIE is less scripted than we all think.

Tabatha Leggett / BuzzFeed

At one point, Bobby got annoyed about something Gemma said on the show; Danielle talked about how worried she was that TOWIE would ruin her relationship with James and Jasmin referenced the date she went on with Arg.

In other words, their lives are exactly as we see them on the show.

14. But what really struck me was how incredibly nice the TOWIE lot are.

They weren't arrogant, or stupid or any of the other bad things often associated with scripted reality stars. They're just a group of normal people who have slightly weird jobs.