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Are You Secretly Uptight Or Very Chill?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with organised fun.

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  1. Tick off everything you have ever done.
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    Tick off everything you have ever done.

    Been over half an hour early to an event.
    But stood still in the exact spot you were supposed to meet in, instead of going for a wander, because you didn’t want to risk being late.
    Had an argument with a friend because they were 10 minutes late.
    Literally ended friendships with people who are regularly late.
    Because being late means that they value their own time more than yours and that’s selfish.
    Made plans even though were tired because you hate the idea of a plan-free evening.
    Or worse, a plan-free weekend.
    Felt guilty for having a lie in at the weekend.
    Spent more time overanalyzing a party than actually being at the party.
    Ruined every Secret Santa you’ve ever been a part of by finding out who got who before you were meant to.
    Fought with your housemate because they let your house get too messy.
    Actually cried because your house got too messy.
    Fought with your housemate because they didn’t fold the blanket that goes over the back of the sofa.
    Cried because it just isn't difficult to avoid scrunching it up and leaving in in a ball goddamnit.
    Owned over six different cleaning products.
    Asked for a hoover for a birthday or Christmas.
    Cried on the phone to your mum within the last year.
    And your landlord.
    And your bank.
    Had a fight with someone you were cooking with because they didn’t chop the vegetables in an efficient order.
    Sent a meal back in a restaurant.
    Made your guests take off their shoes before coming into your home.
    Put a coaster underneath your guest’s drink.
    Tidied away a guest’s plate before they’ve finished their meal.
    Re-washed dishes that someone else has already washed.
    Re-made a bed that someone else has already made.
    Re-folded clothes that someone else has already folded.
    Were a house captain at school.
    Were a prefect at school.
    Were head girl or boy at school.
    Got straight As at school.
    Got a first in your university degree.
    Take real pleasure in filling out feedback forms and surveys.
    Have at least three hobbies.
    But wish you had time for more.
    Exercise an exact number of times every week.
    And get really stressed out if you don't manage to do it.
    Hate getting ill more than anything because it throws your whole schedule off course.
    Made an hour-by-hour plan while you were on holiday.
    Owned a planner.
    Owned a desk planner.
    Only use specific pens in these planners.
    Get very stressed by the idea writing on the same page in both blue and black ink.
    Get very stressed by the phrase “let’s play it by ear”.
    Purposely kicked the ankles of someone walking slowly in front of you.
    Purposely stood too close to someone because they haven’t moved far enough down the tube.
    Leave work exactly on time every day because you have evening plans.
    Get stressed out by spontaneous after-work drinks plans.
    Rehearsed conversations you might have in the future in the shower.
    Felt an indescribable rage every time you hear hold music on the phone.
    And every time your signal cuts out.
    Love organized fun.
    But know that you’re pretty good at regular fun too.

Are You Secretly Uptight Or Very Chill?

You're a very relaxed person. You find it easy to get on with most people, you're very confident within your own skin, and you enjoy spontaneity. You're always up for a new adventure and you're incredibly popular. You live life to the full and you're truly happy because of it.

very chill
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You have your spontaneous moments but you have your uptight ones too. You like having fun and trying new things but you're also very organised and enjoy knowing exactly what your plans for the week are in advance. You have struck a healthy balance.

sometimes uptight
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You're a very uptight person. You like things to be just so, and you like making plans in advance. You're a very ambitious person and you have a very clear idea of the things you'd like to achieve in the next five years. Good for you!

very uptight
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