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    This Is What Berries Actually Look Like

    Avocados, pumpkins, watermelons: all berries.

    Hello. Do you know what a berry is?

    Are you sure?

    Because I bet you think these are berries.

    Blueenayim / Getty Images

    And I bet you tell people you had berries with your breakfast when you eat these.

    Mariabrzostowska / Getty Images

    And I bet you call collecting these "berry picking".

    Digital Vision. / Getty Images

    Well hey, guess what?

    You've been lying. A berry is actually a fleshy fruit that contains one just ovary and derives from a single flower.

    So because strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries come from single flowers containing more than one ovary, they're aggregate fruits.

    Avocados, on the other hand, are legit berries. When you mash one up to make guacamole, you could say, "Just mashing berries over here, don't mind me."

    Tashka2000 / Getty Images

    If you were this man you could say, "I grin when I bite into my berries."

    Lofilolo / Getty Images

    And if you saw these grapes, you could shout "Hanging berries!" and you would not be lying.

    Purestock / Getty Images

    ~SpOoKy BeRrIeS~

    Ingram Publishing / Getty Images

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    Moodboard / Getty Images

    sǝıɹɹǝq pǝɔıןs

    Camelot1671 / Getty Images

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