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    28 Faces Everyone Will Recognise From School

    Life was tough, back then.

    1. The "I Just Realised I Have Homework And It's Sunday" face:

    When I find out I have homework on Sunday 😭😖😭😖 #schoolproblems #sunday

    2. The "I Didn't Get Any Of Those Answers In The Test So Please Stop Discussing It" face:

    3. The "I Don't Know The Answer, Please Ask Someone Else" face:

    That moment when the teacher calls on you and you don't know the answer I be like #schoolproblems

    4. The "I Just Walked Past A Class My Friend Is In" face:

    5. The "I Just Spotted A Swear Word In The Set Text" face:

    6. The "I Can't Keep My Eyes Open, This Is The Most Boring Lesson I've Ever Been In" face:

    7. The "I Haven't Finished Copying Those Notes, Don't You Dare Close The PowerPoint" face:

    8. The "God, Parents' Evening Is Uncomfortable" face:

    #SecondarySchoolMemories my face in parents evening when the teacher started to snitch

    9. The "Oooooh Someone's Getting Yelled At And It's Not Me" face:

    My face when someone gets yelled at by a teacher

    10. The "I Just Saw My Teacher Outside Of School And I'm Trying To Be Casual About It" face:

    That face when you see people from your school in public

    11. The "Oh God It's School Tomorrow" face:

    my face when I realized we have school tomorrow..

    12. The "Get A Room And Stop Snogging At School" face:

    My face when I see kissing couples in school

    13. The "I Don't Understand The First Question Of This Test, I Have No Hope" face:

    14. The "I'm So Happy It's A Snow Day" face:

    My face when I found out we had no school

    15. The "I'm Pretending To Pay Attention" face:

    My face when I'm at school and pretend to pay attention

    16. The "Why Have You Volunteered To Read When You're Clearly Illiterate?" face:

    17. The "Please Tell Me More About How I've Violated The Uniform Code, It's So Interesting To Hear" face:

    My face at the fact my teacher yelled at me for having a little color on my shoes today.

    18. The "For The Love Of God Let Me Go To The Bathroom Without Correcting My Grammar" face:

    19. The "I'm Thinking Hard, Not Cheating" face:

    20. The "Don't Ask The Teacher If My Answer Counts, You Knob" face:

    In middle school when the person grading your paper asks the teacher if your answer counts

    21. The "I Just Realised That This Worksheet Is Double Sided And It's Too Late" face:

    22. The "Why Are You Still Asking Questions? It's Break Time" face:

    23. The "My Hand Wasn't Raised, Why Are You Picking On Me?" face:

    when the teacher calls on you in school and your hand wasnt raised

    24. The "I Know The Answer For Once, Why Didn't You Pick Me?" face:

    My face when the teacher sees my hand but doesn't call on me 😒

    25. The "Please Pair Me With My Crush" face:

    Back in middle school when the teacher used to assign partners and you prayed you'd get matched with your crush

    26. The "Don't You Dare Confiscate My Phone" face:

    When a teacher ask for my phone , my face be like

    27. The "Sorry I'm Afraid I Don't Have Time For Homework This Weekend" face:

    When the teacher say "so your homework for over the weekend is..." My face be like.....

    28. The "Ooops I Was Concentrating On My Phone Instead Of The Lesson" face:

    When your focused on your phone in class & teacher calls on you for the answer on a question my face be like