24 Endlessly Frustrating Vegetarian Problems

But you eat fish, right? OMGGGGGGGGGGG.

1. When you run out of iron tablets.

2. When no one wants to have you over for dinner.

3. When you order tapas and the meat eaters eat all of the vegetables so you’re left hungry…

Paul_Brighton / Shutterstock

…but they still insist on splitting the bill evenly.

4. When people are like, “What about leather?” and you’re like, “I TRY MY BEST, WHAT DO YOU DO?”

5. Travelling.

in a german household, you eat the meat or you don't eat at all #vegetarianprobs #grandmashouse

— Unicorn Lauren (@LauGidz)

6. Only ever being able to use half the recipes in a cookbook.

7. When people invasively question you about your life decisions over dinner.

8. “But what about bacon?”

9. “You eat fish though, right?”

10. “Can’t you just pick the meat out?”

11. “I tried becoming vegetarian once. It lasted a week.”

12. “But the animal’s already dead.”

13. When stuffed peppers are the only vegetarian option on the menu.

alexpro9500 / Shutterstock

14. Unless you go to a veggie restaurant. In which case, you’re totally overwhelmed by how much choice there is.

15. And don’t even get me started on health food shops.

16. Not understanding how long you’re supposed to marinate tofu for.

17. When your host forgets you’re vegetarian, so you have to awkwardly pick at the side salad all night.

18. When the supermarket has plenty of this…

19. When you cook Quorn for a meat eater and they’re like, “Oh, it kind of tastes like low-quality meat.”

20. This.

guy at McDonald's said they had veggie burgers & he gives me this..a cheeseburger without the burger #vegetarianprobs

— Emily (@Freckell)

21. When people ask if they can eat meat in front of you.

22. Wanting to turn vegan, but eggs…

Olga Nayashkova / Shutterstock

… and cheese.

Olha Afanasieva / Shutterstock

23. Having to provide your own food even when you’re not the host.

Bringing veggie burgers to every BBQ you go @VegProbs #vegetarianprobs

— Becky (@BeckyTayloor)

24. But worst of all, when everyone is suddenly a nutritional expert with a real concern for where you get your protein from.

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