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    Dating In Your Teens Vs. Dating In Your Twenties

    Pizza Express vs. another takeaway.

    1. In your teens, you date anyone who is vaguely attractive and in the same social circle as you.

    Because having a boyfriend is a lot more important than actually liking your boyfriend.

    In your twenties, you're slightly more selective about who you date.

    You'll probably want to have at least a few shared interests.

    2. In your teens you find out if someone likes you by asking your friend to ask their friend and then dancing near them at the school disco.

    In your twenties, you find out whether someone likes you via a series of carefully constructed Facebook messages containing thoughtful emojis.

    3. In your teens, your first kiss is the result of a steamy game of Spin The Bottle at a sleepover.

    In your twenties, your first kiss is the result of a house party, which you won't remember the following day.

    4. In your teens, you go on dates "to town".

    Where you aimlessly walk up and down the high street holding hands to signify that you are more than just friends.

    In your twenties, you just go to the pub.

    5. In your teens, you spend a lot of time making out at the bus stop.

    In your twenties, you judge teenagers making out at bus stops. But it's fine if you're drunk and it's the night bus, right?

    6. In your teens, you watch films with your hand on an arbitrary body part of your S.O. to prove that you in are a very serious relationship.

    In your twenties you tweet through films instead of talking to each other.

    7. In your teens, you print 2-4-1 Pizza Express vouchers and share the dough balls.

    In your twenties, you tell yourselves you'll cook together but end up ordering takeout.

    8. In your teens, you order the second cheapest wine on the menu because then you'll look like you know what you're doing.

    In your twenties, you drink cheap beer because you're poor.

    9. In your teens you communicate mostly via MSN.

    In your twenties, you communicate mostly via SnapChat.

    10. In your teens, you know things have become serious when your S.O. becomes your top MySpace friend.

    In your twenties, you know things have become serious when you delete the numbers of everyone you could drunk text.

    11. In your teens, you meet once a week to kiss until your faces hurt.

    In your twenties, you have so much stuff at each other's houses that you practically live together.

    12. In your teens, you spend a lot of time gossiping about your S.O. with your friends.

    In your twenties, you spend a lot of time gossiping about your friends with your S.O..

    13. In your teens, meeting the parents is the worst because OMG your parents are soooooo embarrassing.

    In your twenties, meeting the parents is the best because it's just lots of people you care about hanging out.

    14. In your teens, your parents' primary concern is that you don't get pregnant.

    In your twenties, your parents' primary concern is that you're happy.

    15. In your teens, break ups are the worst thing in the whole world ever.

    And in your twenties, they don't get any easier.

    But you know how to deal with them better, because you've been through it all before.

    16. In your teens, you fall in love every day.

    In your twenties, it takes a bit longer to fall in love. But when you do, your life changes.

    And instead of toasting that with lukewarm cider that you bought using fake I.D...

    ... you get to toast it with heavily reduced wine.

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