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Cadbury Just Lost Exclusive Rights To The Colour Purple

Bizarre court case of the week.

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For almost 100 years, British chocolate giant Cadbury has used a very distinctive purple colour on its wrappers.

The colour is called Pantone 2865c, and it was introduced in 1914 as a tribute to Queen Victoria.

But Swiss rivals Nestle have just won a five-year court battle, which means anyone can now use Pantone 2865c.

"Purple is a colour that has been used by Cadbury for more than 100 years — the colour has always been associated with Cadbury," said a Cadbury spokesperson.

"This is a massive blow," added trademark lawyer Fiona McBride. "With a heritage dating back to the 1920s, Cadbury had hoped that it had been using the colour purple for long enough."

Poor Cadbury.

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