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    29 Gorgeous Little Cabins That'll Make You Want To Quit Your Job

    Let's go on a trip to the woods.

    1. Imagine living here.

    2. Imaging waking up, drawing the curtains, and this being your view.

    3. Imagine stepping outside and being able to walk for miles without seeing or hearing anyone else.

    4. Imagine having your friends over.

    5. Think of the adventures you could have.

    6. The trees you could climb.

    7. The lakes you could swim in.

    8. And the parties you could throw.

    9. Imaging waking up and having a morning dip.

    10. And then heading back inside to warm up again.

    11. Imaging sitting out late in the summer.

    12. And snuggling up by the fire in the winter.

    13. Think of the snowmen you'd build.

    14. Imagine the first days of spring.

    15. Imagine sitting by the window and finishing your book.

    16. Think of all the delicious meals you'd cook in your teeny tiny kitchen.

    17. And of the picnics you'd have.

    18. Imagine hearing nothing but birdsong.

    19. Think about how good that wood smoke would smell.

    20. Think about how quiet everything around you would be.

    21. You'd be entirely on your own.

    22. Just you and your loved ones in a gorgeous wood cabin.

    23. Surrounded by the most beautiful scenery.

    24. Imagine how lovely it would feel when the winter's snow starts to melt.

    25. And when the nights get really dark.

    26. And when the sky is beautifully clear.

    27. Imagine the saunas you'd have.

    28. Just stop for a minute and imagine your life here.

    29. Now what are you waiting for? Quit your job and book that flight.