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12 Differences Between Proms In American Movies And Proms In Britain

There are literally no similarities.

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1. Before prom in American movies, the boy picks the girl up and has an awkward chat with her dad.

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Before prom in Britain, your mum makes you have an awkward photo shoot with your relatives. The shoot typically takes place in your hallway or in front of your house.

2. In American movies, you can tell which kids are uncool because they wear ridiculously outdated dresses to prom.

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In the UK, everyone buys their prom dress from TK Maxx so we all kinda look the same.

3. In American movies, you can be on a prom committee, which sounds like the most exciting thing ever.

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British proms are organised by your teachers.

4. In American movies, proms aren't even the only fancy dance of the year! There's Spring Fling! And Homecoming!

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In Britain, prom is it. So you spend all year baking flapjacks and selling them to year 7s to make enough money for it.

5. In American movies, proms are more beautifully decorated than most weddings.

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In Britain, your teachers just decorate a hotel conference room with bowls of cheese savories and salt and vinegar crisps.

6. In American movies, really cool bands play at prom. The whole thing is basically an intimate gig with all your friends.

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In Britain, the best entertainment you can hope for is someone sneaking in a lighter and popping the balloons.

7. In American movies, the highlight of the event is crowning a prom king and queen.

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In Britain, you might win a "Cleanest Classroom" award.

8. In American movies, all the girls get amazing makeovers and then all the boys fancy them.


In Britain, all the girls look exactly the same: They wear a lot of fake tan, straighten their fringes, and really go to town with the frosted eyeshadow.

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9. American movie proms are all-singing, all-dancing affairs where everyone gets in on the entertainment.

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In Britain, you might get a chance to take photobooth pictures with your P.E. teacher. If you're lucky.

10. In American movie proms, there is always a moment where the coolest couple performs a dance routine and everyone else watches them with admiration.

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In Britain, you kind of awkwardly do the "Macarena" in line with some of your school's support staff.

11. In American movies, everyone has grand plans to lose their virginity after prom.

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There's no chance you'd get to stay in a fancy hotel overnight in Britain. Your dad would come pick you up at 11pm in his Nissan Micra.

12. American movie proms are really emotional and everyone acts like they're never going to see their school friends again.

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In Britain, proms are emotional too. But that's just because we get wasted.