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    26 Delicious Things You Have To Eat In Cambridge

    Featuring pub grub, Chelsea buns, and out-of-this-world jacket potatoes.

    1. Fish and chips at the Anchor

    2. Ice cream at Benet's

    3. Jacket potatoes at Tatties

    4. Vegetarian lasagne at the Rainbow Cafe

    5. Chelsea buns at Fitzbillies

    6. Bento boxes at Japas

    7. Burgers at the Eagle

    8. Steak at the River Bar

    9. Dosas at Cocum

    10. A Full English at the Copper Kettle

    11. Burritos at Nanna Mexico

    12. Chocolate pots at Chocolat Chocolat

    13. Sandwiches at the Maypole

    14. Cinnamon buns at Nord

    15. Chicken pittas at Gardies

    16. Soup at Indigo

    17. Waffles from the market

    18. Open sandwiches at Stickybeaks

    19. Beef chops at St John's Chop House

    20. Carrot cake at Hot Numbers

    21. Pasta at De Luca

    22. Afternoon tea at Harriet's

    23. Turkish kebabs at Anatolia

    24. Chocolate brownies at the Grads Cafe

    25. Bangers and mash at the Free Press

    26. Sunday roasts at the Green Man

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