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    A Ranking Of 13 Important "Sex And The City" Men

    Sorry, Big fans. You're not going to like this.

    Hello! We (Tabatha, Ailbhe, and Roz) have seen every episode of Sex And The City approximately 1,000 times.

    Recently, we got to thinking... what would happen if we tried to rank the show's men?

    13. Richard Wright

    12. Trey MacDougal

    11. Mr. Big

    10. Aleksandr Petrovsky

    9. Jack Berger

    8. Skipper Johnston

    7. Aidan Shaw

    Ailbhe: The first time round, Aidan round is sweet but a drip. The second time, he's cynical but buff.

    Roz: Carrie breaking his heart is the worst thing ever.

    Tabatha: I find Aidan and Carrie a very creepy couple because they’re such different sizes. His hand is the size of her entire torso.

    Ailbhe: I like everything that Aidan has to offer (tables, dogs, etc) but as a person he is just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Tabatha: It was weird that he didn't get more angry when Carrie lost his dog. Imagine if you owned that dog and then Carrie lost it. I’d be furious.

    Roz: Oh, I’d lose my shit. Even then, Carrie managed to make the dog running away some sort of emotional turning point for herself. It’s like, no: You lost a fucking dog, sort it out.

    Ailbhe: I think the fact that we are all focusing on Pete the dog means Aidan does not rank highly.

    Tabatha: Pete is a zzzzzzzzz dog name.

    6. Ray King

    5. Bill Kelley

    4. Dr Robert Leeds

    3. Smith Jerrod

    Ailbhe: Smith was so lovely.

    Tabatha: Yes, he was basically the dream man: stupidly good looking, ridiculously successful, good in bed... and then he shaved his hair off when Samantha lost hers <3<3<3.

    Roz: And he was the first person who really made her happy.

    Tabatha: That scene where Samantha goes upstairs with Richard, and Smith just waits for her in the hotel lobby: I cry whenever I think about that.

    Roz: That scene is such a turning point for them as a couple.

    Ailbhe: But, but, but: can you imagine saying his name to your parents? Or your work friends? And Samantha changed his name because his real one was worse. JERRY JERROD.

    Roz: Hahaha, yes! And he's on the Absolut Vodka adverts in the first few episodes!

    Ailbhe: "Hello, here is my boyfriend. He is on a billboard and his name is JERRY JERROD. NO, HE’S LOVELY. I SWEAR, HE'S VERY SUPPORTIVE."

    2. Steve Brady

    1. Harry Goldenblatt

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    Aidan's dog is called Pete. Samantha and Charlotte took a private jet to Atlantic City. An earlier version of this article said that Aidan's dog was called Buster, and that the girls went to Vegas.