A Heroic Dog Gave A Blood Transfusion To A Poorly Cat

This is the cutest thing you’ll read today.

1. Look at this heroic dog hanging out with a very sad cat.

Rory the cat was sad because he accidentally ate rat poison.

He needed a blood transfusion, but his local lab in New Zealand was closed.

2. It could have been fatal.

But then Rory’s owner phoned a friend from her book club who suggested that they use her dog’s blood.

3. That’s where Macy the dog stepped in.


Cats don’t possess the antibodies that reject dogs’ blood, so a transfusion can enable them to regenerate their own red blood cells. You can only do this once, but it worked.

“It was one of those situations that it was a do-or-die. He would have died if we did nothing,” Ms Heller, Rory’s owner told 3news.

4. Now Rory’s feeling much better. And he’s got a new BFF.

5. Look!

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