19 Types Of People You See In A Nightclub

    Underage teens? Check. Hen night? Check. Token pervert? Check.

    1. The girl who's on a mission.

    2. The girl who took fake tanning a little too far.

    3. The smooth operator.

    4. The girls on a hen night.

    5. The couple who are about to break up.

    6. The friends who are about to break up.

    7. The couple who need to get a room.

    8. The photobomber.

    9. The early bird.

    10. The teenagers who are, like, waaaay too drunk.

    11. The girl who is actually waaay too drunk.

    12. The girl who has taken all off the drugs.

    13. The cash flashers

    14. The girl who's feeling sorry for herself.

    15. The circle dancers.

    16. The rugby lads.

    17. The girls who'll look perfect on Facebook tomorrow.

    18. The guy who's giving it a second try.

    19. The token pervert.