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    Posted on Aug 6, 2013

    18 Facebook Pages You Should Never Like

    Probably best steer clear of these.

    1. The confusingly niche.

    2. The overtly defensive.

    3. The self-deprecating.

    4. The self-pitying.

    5. The overly ambitious.

    6. The musically questionable.

    7. The heartbreaking.

    8. The unfortunately misspelt.

    9. The inaccurate fan page.

    There are quite a few of these.


    10. The deeply unappetising.

    11. The all-inclusive.

    12. The really hungry.

    13. ThE rAnDoM.

    14. The highly specific.

    15. For those with limited interests.

    16. The vague.

    17. The pages for people who like havin fun.

    18. And the pages for people who are pretty much awesome.

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