35 Ways You Know You Grew Up In The Middle East

Because the Middle East is where it’s AT.

1. 1. People usually react like this when you tell them where you’re from.

2. 2. And like this when you tell them you grew up in a dry (alcohol-free) country.

3. 3. But you made your own fun and did a lot of this, as an alternative to alcohol.

4. 4. You’ve watched Captain Majid and aren’t immune to his awesome-ness.

5. 5. You remember driving one of these suckers like a BOSS whenever you went to the desert.


6. 6. You’ve had a passport for as long as you can remember, but no driver’s license.

7. 7. Having drivers and nannies was completely normal (please don’t judge).

8. 8. You know people who use siwaks as an alternative to toothbrushes.

9. 9. You are used to being stared at. Wherever you go.

10. 10. You could hear the call to prayer anywhere in the city.

11. 11. You got out of school early during Ramadan.

12. 12….not to mention everything stayed closed until sunset when you were fasting.

13. 13. And you couldn’t eat in public until it was time to break your fast.

14. 14. You had satellite TV and never heard of cable until you came to the USA.

15. 15. Sword dances at weddings were completely normal.

16. 16. You cherished those 15 minutes it rained the whole year.

17. 17. Your parents have told you that it’s too hot to go outside.

18. 18. You know the true meaning of “football”.

19. You have sat in a “men’s” or “women’s” section in an airport, hospital, or restaurant.

20. 19. You laugh when people assume the hijab symbolizes some sort “opression”.

21. 20. You remember the grand opening of The Cheescake Factory, Taco Bell, IHOP or some other mainstream American restaurant in your country.

22. 21. You know how true this is: bebzi = pepsi.

23. 22. You remember taking this deliciousness to school.

24. 23. And can still imagine the yummy, creamy texture of this bad boy.

25. 24. You KNOW this is the BEST CHOCOLATE EVER.

26. 25. Friday was once your official weekend.

27. 26. You know how true this is: Non-smoking areas? Hah, that’s funny.

Non-smoking areas? Hah, that’s funny.

28. 27. You know how effective wasta can be. And know someone who has used it.

29. 28. A large portion of your teen years were spent hanging out at the mall.

30. 29. Dating in secret was completely normal (also necessary).

31. 30. You understand the BIG difference between public and private schools.

32. 31. You know how easily-accessible pirated movies are. And you’ve definitely bought one, if not built a collection.

33. 32. You’re used to movies being censored in the cinemas. And you’re still waiting for the day you can witness an ACTUAL kiss on screen.

34. 33. Bukhoor smells like home to you.

35. 34. There are shawarma shops everywhere. And you have a favorite one that makes it exactly how you like it.

36. 35. And no matter what anyone says, you LOVED growing up in the Middle East!!!

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