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27 People You See At Every Cookout

Who made the potato salad?

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1. The dad on the grill who clearly has no idea what he's doing.

2. The auntie who's always in your business but still doesn't have her own life together.

3. The uncle who always gets drunk.

4. The professional spades player.

5. Your uncle’s ex wife… and his new wife.

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6. The friend that isn't technically family, but is treated as family anyway (commonly known as a "play cousin").

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7. The uncle who thinks he still got all the moves.

8. The grandma who openly throws shade because she’s old and don’t care no more.

9. The other grandma who keeps telling you to dance because you’re too young to be sitting down.


10. The uncle who ran to the store to get ice....and didn’t come back till the food was done.

11. The auntie who can’t cook but insists on everyone trying her potato salad.

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12. The person who didn’t bring any food...but bought some tupperware containers to make a to go plate.

13. The vegetarian/vegan relative that no one makes any food for because they still don't understand why he/she doesn't eat chicken.

14. The baby cousin with the running nose, the one who, for a few minutes, no one knows who he belongs to.

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15. The crown royal in a velvet bag. Because at this point it’s basically apart of the family.

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16. The neighborhood boy/girl your mama insists on inviting because she wants you to settle down.

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17. The uncle you can always count on for some sage "advice."

18. The cousin who swears his mixtape is about to drop… every year.

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19. Your aunt and her on-again/off-again husband who swore they were done with each other for good but still showed up together.

20. That one kid that has a permanent juice mustache from drinking like six red Little Hugs in an hour.

21. The pastor that prays over every single dish while saying the longest grace of all time.

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22. The cousin you know not to let make your man’s plate.

23. The relative who you know’s going to ask you for a “loan” before the end of the day.

24. The uncle who can’t accept he’s old and still tries to keep up with the latest trends.

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25. The cousin that gets kicked out for trying to smoke bud in the house.

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26. The relative who always starts an argument over sports, Obama, and/or Beyoncé.

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27. Last but not least, Uncle Denzel...and his bluetooth earpiece.

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