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Here's Proof That We Should've Seen 'Lemonade' Coming

We've been so blind. So, so, blind.

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When Beyoncé dropped the trailer for her Lemonade HBO special we all had a lot of feelings.

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1. Somewhere between shock and excitement was the realization that the signs had been right in front of us this entire time! These Instagram photos for example.

She's been hinting #LEMONADE to us for a year now 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

2. But those are only the beginning of this twisted scavenger hunt. There was this editorial photo of her wearing cornrows (just like in the trailer) inside a lemon-shaped abstract painting! / Via

3. This bathing suit with yellow right next to her heart.

4. That time she had this yellow headband on! Right next to her damn brain! Duh!

Instagram: @beyonce / Via

5. And remember when she posted these random yellow flowers?! Not so random after all.

Instagram: @beyonce / Via

6. Neither was this dress! Taunting us with a smile smh.

Instagram: @beyonce

8. There are also the endless clues she dropped in past music videos. Look at her citrus design flotation device from last year's "Feeling Myself" video!

10. Blue even tried to give us a hint 43 entire weeks ago and we just thought she wanted ice cream smh. / Via

11. All last year she kept flashing these "I bet you can't guess why I keep wearing yellow" faces and she was right. We were oblivious!

Instagram: @beyonce

17. She 👏🏾 has👏🏾 known 👏🏾 about 👏🏾 this 👏🏾 forever 👏🏾 fam! The parking garage scene in "Me, Myself, and I" was only the warm-up! She knew she'd be back.


21. A very, very long time. Look at Michelle struggling to not grab the mic and yell "15 years from now your edges will be snatched! Enjoy them while you can!"

22. Jay Z has also been a ploy to distract us from her real secret for the past 15 years. It's part of what has kept them bonded for so long! She couldn't risk him spoiling the surprise!


26. What you thought was a cute shirt was really Bey letting you know Lemonade would cement her spot as a billionaire. Why else would she be dressed down on a red carpet?! For shits and giggles? Nah!

27. She even posted a bag-size hot sauce bottle in formation next to a YELLOW cup of noodles years before the song came out! *throws hands in the air*

29. I mean why else would Beyoncé Knowles-Carter ever be in something as common a taxi?! We're so stupid!!

30. This machine was selling lemon drops and we didn't even know it.

Instagram: @beyonce

32. Also, #neverforget that time she rocked a lemon-shaped top-knot for like a solid month. She was prob showing them an early cut of Lemonade footage in this particular post.

33. Last but not least, here's a photo of her AS A CHILD the moment she and Solange decided that Lemonade would be her destiny. And I know you notice how the heart is over the YELLOW part of her shirt. I rest my case! *drops mic*

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