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    The 2016 VMA "Video Of The Year" Nominees Then And Now

    See their first music videos vs. now.

    From "Formation" to "Famous," this year’s "Video of the Year" category at the MTV Video Music Awards is going to be an especially tough one. Here’s a look at all five of the nominated videos compared to the artists' first-ever nominations.

    Coulmbia, Def Jam, Cash Money, RMBG

    Adele: "Chasing Pavements" (2008) vs. "Hello" (2015)

    Columbia Records

    Back in 2008, Adele received her first (and only that year) VMA nomination for her debut single "Chasing Pavements" in the "best choreography" category. She didn't win that particular battle, but her nomination for "Hello" this year in the show's top category proves she won the war.

    Beyoncé: "Crazy in Love" (2003) vs. "Formation" (2016)

    Columbia Records

    Beyoncé's first video as a solo artist, "Crazy in Love," nabbed her four VMA nominations (she won three) and she's been winning ever since. This is the fourth time she's been nominated in this category — let's see if "Formation" gets her another big win.

    Drake: "Best I Ever Had" (2009) vs. "Hotline Bling" (2015)

    Cash Money Records

    Drake wasn't lying when he said he got rich off a mixtape. The rapper got his first VMA nomination for "Best I Ever Had" before his first album even dropped thanks to his hit mixtape So Far Gone. This year, "Hotline Bling" may bring Drizzy his first VMA award outside of a hip-hop category.

    Justin Bieber: "Baby" (2010) vs. "Sorry" (2015)


    Back in 2010, Justin Bieber popped up on the scene with his adorable hit "Baby." The video got him his first VMA nomination and win. "Sorry" is only the singer's fourth video ever nominated for a VMA — he's only ever won two — technically making him the underdog in this category.

    Kanye West: "All Falls Down" (2004) vs. "Famous" (2016)

    Def Jam

    Kanye's first of many, many VMA nominations (he's been nominated in more VMA categories than any other artist in this group) was in 2004 for "All Falls Down." Despite countless nominations, Mr. West has only ever won three. Can't wait to see if his most controversial video yet, "Famous," gets him another.