An Annual Reminder That Viola Davis Has The Best Cry In Hollywood

    Her runny nose has more talent than most of us.

    A teaser trailer for Fences, starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, came out today and it's making us remember one very important thing...

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    ...Viola Davis has the greatest snot-cry of all time.

    It's so epic that it gives the toughest critic goosebumps and makes them throw every accolade her way.

    Like they did when they first saw her do it in Doubt. She had one scene and that snot-cry (and the monologue that produced it) got her an Oscar nomination.

    By the time that drop of snot came running down her nose you forgot anyone else was even in the movie. And not just any movie, but one starring freaking Meryl "All I Do Is Win Academy Awards" Streep.

    Like, Viola gets more award nominations with a runny nose than most actors get in a lifetime.

    It had audiences in a glass case of emotions in The Help.

    And helped Viola get her first Emmy on How to Get Away With Murder.

    Because even this subtle tear wipe made us FEEL.

    Way to literally turn tears into gold, Viola.