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    Posted on Sep 17, 2015

    This Toddler's Instagram Photos Are Guaranteed To Make You Feel

    Cute baby alert!

    Can we just talk about how fly Summer G. a.k.a Sparkle is for a moment? Her Instagram account @_callmesparkle is the coolest, most adorable thing on the Internet right now.

    "It's about confidence and teaching her to be confident starting NOW." – says her mom Simone, who runs her Instagram and Tumblr accounts.

    It's safe to say Sparkle has mastered that lesson! Plus her street style is off the charts.

    She mixes patterns like a pro!

    And her hat game? Proper!

    Pharrell who!?

    Oh and the slay doesn't stop at fedora's. Sparkle owns all hat trends.

    She also stunts harder in children's sunglasses than most of you all do in designer frames.

    And isn't afraid to serve attitude when necessary.

    Her denim collection is to die for.

    As is this OOTD!

    Oh and her winter fashions?! Perfection.

    I MEAN!

    You can catch the young fashionista running through her favorite stores during her spare time without one woe.

    Except for maybe her older brother SJ, whose street style is also admirable.

    In fact, the entire family is too cute for words.

    The young fashionista is living proof that some girls are just born with "it"!

    Shine on, princess!

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