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How To Respond To POC Talking About Racism

A friendly guide for the next time you find yourself in the middle of a discussion about racism.

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That's right, sit there and say not a word because no amount of reading/stats/black friends will make you more of an expert on the what it's like to be a POC than an actual POC.


And if you MUST say anything at all (most times a simple "OK" will do) try one of the following statements:


"It was hard for me to hear what you're saying through my wall of privilege, let me work on tearing it down and get back to you with my understanding."

One more time for those in the cheap seats: listen, know that a response is not required, and open your mind to the information being presented to you, and maybe just maybe you'll learn something.

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Bonus points if you can apply these steps in the comments below.


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