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    Here Are All The Girls Drake Talks About On "Views"

    Approximately, because only god knows how many women Drake refers to as "you."

    1. All of his "let's just be friends" who aren't friends with him anymore

    2. Chilli

    3. Erika

    4. His exes who made some of his favorite music

    5. His girl who's sponsored by Audemars, who's always correcting him when his time

    is off

    6. His wifey who's a spice like he's David Beckham

    7. Jessica

    8. Kim

    9. Monique

    10. Rihanna

    11. Sandi

    12. Someone's girl who he sees all the time and can't tell if she's her man's or his (but he does know)

    13. Stephanie

    14. Sydney

    15. Syn

    16. The ex who tells him that he's confusing, more immature than Marques Houston, and laughs when he tells her that he's in too deep with so she'll never lose him

    17. The exes he has in a group DM who he told will always belong to him

    18. The girl he can't take nowhere because she always fights with him at Cheesecake and tells him he actin' lightskin

    19. The girl he met through her brother back when they were young

    20. The girl he took from the hood and could never give her back (probably the same girl who always fights with him at Cheesecake)

    21. The girl he wants to be faithful to because she talks like she got what he needs, like she got the juice and the squeeze

    22. The girl he's telling can't be right next to him because Rihanna's there

    23. The girl someone has all gassed up, changing her opinion of him

    24. The girl who is still driving the Mercedes coupe he got for she and him (that he can't believe is going to spend the winter with another nigga)

    25. The girl who knew him when he had waves who can never say he came up and forgot her

    26. The girl who still has his number and needs to call him because she's been on his mind

    27. The girl who there's more to getting life that getting high and sleeping-in with

    28. The girl who was living at The London for a month and never let him come in through the front door because they were still a secret (could be the same girl that's telling him he's confusing, but who knows)

    29. The girl who wouldn't tell him she loved him

    30. The girl whose Instagram is too poppin

    31. The girl who's busy as usual but should make time for him

    32. The lady he found in the east

    33. The woman he wants to wife and fulfill all her desires because she's real and he likes it

    34. The women he dated from his favorite movies

    35. The women in West Palm who are spoiled rotten

    36. Tiffany

    37. Tiffany (because it's not impossible for him to shoutout two different ones)

    38. Whoever's wife he brought out to St. Maarten

    Total: 38 Women! I think that's more than any other album!

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