23 Times Netflix's "Dear White People" Perfectly Captured What It's Like To Be A Black Millennial

More like "dear black people." (Warning: Slight spoilers ahead!)

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1. Sam calling out the conspiracy theory that the McRib was created by Republicans in the '80s to kill black people, along with crack and Jerry Springer.


And Joelle replies that she'll continue to eat them proudly in a Shirley Chisolm shirt that she got from Forever 21 because that's strangely where all black icon T-shirts live now.

2. Joelle shamefully admitting she streams The Cosby Show.


And then Sam trolls everyone who used to say that Bill Cosby was being framed for all of his date rape allegations because he was trying to buy NBC.

17. Reggie noting how black people have to learn white history facts, but not vice versa.


Because if we all have to know about Friends, we should all have to know about Living Single.

19. Coco's very real and very underrepresented take on black preservation by way of obedience.


Because sometimes when you've seen family and friends actually get killed by police, survival becomes key, by any means necessary.

23. And the squad complaining about most black movies being able to fit into these two categories.


Thankfully, Dear White People has proven itself to be one of the exceptions.

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