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    23 Times Netflix's "Dear White People" Perfectly Captured What It's Like To Be A Black Millennial

    More like "dear black people." (Warning: Slight spoilers ahead!)

    1. Sam calling out the conspiracy theory that the McRib was created by Republicans in the '80s to kill black people, along with crack and Jerry Springer.

    2. Joelle shamefully admitting she streams The Cosby Show.

    3. Gabe's Instagram post announcing his and Sam's relationship to the rest of the campus.

    4. And Joelle breaking down the different types of biracial.

    5. Defamation Wednesdays being the epicenter of black college life.

    6. Also, the viewing party commentary.

    7. This defense of loving Dionne in Clueless, but hating Stacey Dash.

    8. When this girl assumes Lionel wouldn't mind her touching his hair.

    9. How painful it is for Coco to get a weave.

    10. Sam's excitement about finding a black person in a white space.

    11. This DeRay shoutout.

    12. And Sam explaining why some black women choose to not date white men.

    13. Coco's reaction to this news broadcast about police brutality.

    14. The football coach mistaking Reggie for one of his players.

    15. This truth about the need to take a break from protesting sometimes.

    16. And this spoof of Iyanla: Fix My Life.

    17. Reggie noting how black people have to learn white history facts, but not vice versa.

    18. Also, Reggie reacting like this to his white friend rapping the word "nigga."

    19. Coco's very real and very underrepresented take on black preservation by way of obedience.

    20. Joelle speaking this truth about stress eating.

    21. Coco regretting changing the way she wears her hair to Troy's liking after he breaks up with her.

    22. Joelle's joke about Drake as she tries to lift Sam's spirits.

    23. And the squad complaining about most black movies being able to fit into these two categories.