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38 Photos That Prove The Class Of 2016 Is In Formation


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1. When your entire squad is in formation.

2. When you and your brothers are aiming high.

Instagram: @_ilovemyhbcu

3. When your leap of faith paid off.

Instagram: @hbcubuzz

4. When you leave the world no choice but to put some "respeck" on your name.

Instagram: @lafemme_nikkida

5. When you know you got next.


6. When you've reached peak black excellence.

Instagram: @partywithgmack

7. When your black girl magic materializes.

@complexlex / Via Instagram: @hbcubuzz

9. When it's your moment to shine.

10. When your future is bright.

@fleurdedanse / Via Instagram: @conteeiii

11. When you have Oprah's seal of approval.

Instagram: @oprah

12. When you know didn't do it alone.

Instagram: @hbcubuzz

13. When you've got a really big team that needs some really big rings.

Instagram: / Via Instagram: @becauseofthem

15. When you're continuing a great legacy.

Instagram: @_ilovemyhbcu

16. When POTUS calls you out by name at your graduation.

Instagram: @becauseofthem

No, but really.

17. When you about to graduate and it's lit!

Instagram: @loganbangs

18. When you're young, gifted, and black.

Instagram: @hbcusistas

19. When love helped you cross the finish line.

@_yournextceo / Via Instagram: @melanin

20. When they can't tell you nothing.

Instagram: @moore

21. When your graduation speaker looks like you, and also happens to be the President of the United States.

Instagram: @howardalumni

23. When you made it against all odds.

@woobvscudi / Via Instagram: @hbcubuzz

24. When you see everyone who doubted you.

Instagram: @she_winsnj

25. When your determination never wavered.

Instagram: @short_tail_hercules

26. When you're ready to slay the next stage of your life.

Instagram: @kisses4kels

27. When you couldn't have made it without your family.

Instagram: @auccam

28. When you inspire the next generation.

Instagram: @ejph0t0graphy

29. When you got both your degree and your Dwayne.

Instagram: @hbcubuzz

31. When you only roll with the best.

Instagram: @_ilovemyhbcu

32. When you've got brains and beauty.

Instagram: @auccam

33. When you're your sister's keeper.

Instagram: @auccam

34. When you graduate and slay at the same damn time.

@lcowart / Via Instagram: @rockiewhereubeen

36. When you make educated look fly.

Instagram: @stephnstiletos

38. When you chose the road less traveled.

Instagram: @_ilovemyhbcu

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