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5 Reasons Miranda Bailey Is The Original Olivia Pope

Long before Olivia Pope took over Thursday nights there was another career-driven black woman dominating network TV — Dr. Miranda Bailey. Here are five things she was doing long before Liv.

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1. She trains gladiators.

Before Meredith, Christina, Alex, and the gang went on to be award-winning doctors they were Bailey's interns. There's no question that her guidance whipped them into shape — sometimes literally.

2. She saves lives.

Olivia may be the top political fixer in DC, but if you find yourself flatlining in the emergency room or in need of a pep talk after cutting a patients LVAD wire — Bailey's your girl.

3. She's dealt with a disapproving father.


There's no question Rowan/Eli Pope is the baddest in the land. However when it comes to having a disapproving father, Bailey has been there and conquered that. Don't remember? See what happened when her father came to visit on season six's "Holidaze" episode.

4. She's struggled to find a work/life balance.

ABC Kelsey McNeal

Like Olivia, Bailey often found herself struggling to make room for her own romantic life. It took one divorce, and a couple of fine boyfriends to show her the way. Now she's happily married to this cutie. Take notes Liv!

5. She appreciates an after-work drink.

or three.

All this being said, Liv girl, you may want to give Bailey a call. You could use a mentor that hasn't killed anyone.

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