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    The World's Ugliest Dog Is A Feminist Icon, There I Said It

    She is pop culture. She is the future. She. Is. NOW.

    ICYMI, not only was this past weekend the gorgeous Pride March in NYC, but it was also the annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest. (Which is, like, funny but also problematic.)

    Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

    The contest took place on Saturday in Petaluma, California, where a total of 14 "ugly" dogs competed for the title. However, only one was crowned the winner. Her name? ZSA ZSA.

    Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

    Frankly, I have never been so secondhand insulted in my life because, like, how can anyone call this sweet baby angel UGLY?! Zsa Zsa is a GORGEOUS, slobbery queen who came to break hearts and take names. How DARE you shame her. HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!

    Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

    Look at her tongue. Look at her sparkly pink collar. LOOK AT THOSE ACRYLICS!!!!!!!! πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…

    Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

    AND YET, Zsa Zsa's new title is giving her a platform to spread her message of acceptance and self-love. That's right, ZSA ZSA IS YET ANOTHER FEROSH FEMALE OUT HERE CHALLENGING BEAUTY STANDARDS!!!!!! Here she is changing the narrative on The Today Show:

    Do children shake Zsa Zsa’s tongue? Yes! #WorldsUgliestDog winner, Zsa Zsa, his here with her owners!

    CHANGE πŸ‘ THAT πŸ‘ NAR πŸ‘ RA πŸ‘ TIVE πŸ‘ HUN πŸ‘ NY!!! πŸ‘

    Who would've thought that a scrappy bulldog rescued from a puppy mill would wind up backstage at The Today Show? A true inspiration!!!!!!

    Behind the scenes with Zsa Zsa @TODAYshow #WorldsUgliestDog

    She is THICC, messy, and just what the world needs right now. UNITED WE STAN.

    Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

    So Zsa Zsa, thank you for what you do. You make people smile and remind us that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes...

    this kind of made my morning #zsazsa the worlds ugliest dog. I DON’T CARE SHE WAS THE BIGGEST SWEETIE!!

    ...and that a lil' manicure never hurts. πŸ’–

    Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

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