People Are Sharing The Worst Names They've Ever Heard, And I Literaleigh Can't Believe Some Of These

    "I’m in healthcare, and the worst name I’ve seen on a kid is Meatball."

    Recently, Reddit user u/Iron8te posted in r/AskReddit, asking: "What is the worst name you've ever heard?" Here are some of their weirdest, wildest, and most unfortunate names they said.

    We also included some names from Twitter because they were just TOO good not to include!

    A sonogram laying on a sheet containing baby names

    1. "I once met a girl named Cliché. 😭"


    2. "An 80+-year-old lady called Gremlin."


    3. "Keithesia, because her Dad's name was Keith, and because her mom was on anesthesia when she was born. Not kidding. She seemed embarrassed to explain it to me. Poor girl."


    A doctor using anesthetic on a patient

    4. "In elementary school, there was boy named Famous. His younger sister was Fashion."


    5. "In the military, there was this guy called Richard (Dick) Sergeant. Who was a Staff Sergeant. So his name was Staff Sergeant Dick Sergeant. He owned it though, so good for him."


    6. "I’m in healthcare, and the worst name I’ve seen on a kid is Meatball."


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    7. "Eye'n, pronounced Ian. It was 'to be different,' per his mom. What the fuck."


    8. "Messiahiscoming is by far the worse I've heard. It's beyond ridiculous."


    9. "My mom had a coworker who named her child Tequila."


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    10. "Found someone's name tag, and the name was Nevah Petty."


    11. "I knew a girl in school — poor thing was named Cheyfatte. Everyone pronounced it as 'she fat.'"


    12. "Xerox. Poor kid will be bullied for the rest of their life."


    Someone using a xerox machine

    13. "Myferson (not sure if that’s how it was spelled). It was a compacted version of 'my first son.'"


    14. "I taught a kid whose real name is Ricky Rock n’ Roll Smith."



    @thotsofblue I once had a student named "Ny'Quille," and that wasn't the worst I'd had.

    Twitter: @NewMexicoGunman
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    16. "I met a guy named Richard Burst. My boss sent me to get a quote for something from him. He introduced himself as Dick."


    17. "Girth has gotta be the worst name I've heard."


    18. "I knew a student named Baby. Her sister was Princess. So Princess and Baby."


    A baby dressed like a princess sleeping on a bed

    19. "My oldest three siblings had a principal named Dick Long at their elementary school. I know it sounds fake. I wouldn't believe it either. But it's real."


    20. "Clerp. I don't know how it's spelled, but that's how it sounded."


    21. "My dad's coworker is named Chris Cross."


    Strings in a cross-cross formation

    22. And lastly:

    The baby name website I look at every day is truly wrong for this. Rarely am I at a loss for words...

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