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What's The Weirdest Thing You Do To Prepare For A First Date?

"Which aunt, Theresa or Sharon?"

When it comes to dating, we all go into it hoping something good will actually come from it. But before a date, a lot of us tend to do some preeeeeetty out-there things in order to prepare.


Maybe you googled your date's entire life story and learned that their ex's sister's roommate's little brother's little league team won States.


Perhaps you went and bought dog treats to hide in your pocket so their dog would like you. (This may or may not be a true story.)

Or MAAAAAAAYBE you searched their house on Google Earth just...because. 💁 (This also may or may not be a true story.)

Google Earth

(Is this image giving you flashbacks?!)

So if you've ever done something totally and completely WILD before a first date, tell us about it in the DropBox below. Our favorites may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!