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What's The Funniest Lie You've Ever Told On Tinder?

"Oh, I, uh... can't tonight..."

If you're a living, breathing human under the age of 35, chances are you've used Tinder.

And if you've used Tinder — whether to ~find luv~ or a more of a "one and done"-type sitch — chances are you've told a little white lie.

Maybe you told one of your matches that you collected taxidermy just to see how they would react.

Or maybe you did that thing where you put a bra on your knees so they look like boobs and then sent your match a ~sexy pic~ of 'em.

Perhaps you even made up an entire elaborate lie about your plans just to have a reason to not go on a date. We wanna know every detail!!!!!!!!!!!!

So whatever you've lied to a match about, please submit a screenshot of your Tinder convo in the DropBox below as well as a lil' blurb about the backstory! Our faves will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video! 💁