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What's The Best Advice You've Received From A Couples' Therapist?

And how did it change your approach to relationships?

As most people know, relationships are hard.

They require a whole lotta love and work from both sides, and NO couple is perfect. And occasionally, when a couple is faced with an issue, they seek out a relationship counselor — aka a couples' therapist.

So, have you ever gone to a relationship counselor, either alone or with your S.O.? And if so, what was the most valuable advice you took away from it?

Maybe a relationship counselor taught you about "love languages," and how you and your partner's were different and needed to be recognized in order to move forward.

Or perhaps they told you that "happily ever after" doesn't exist, and you can't compare your relationship to ones in movies...or anyone else's, for that matter.

Or maybe they said that "love does not equal compatibility," and that has always stayed with you.

So, what's the biggest piece of advice you took away from couples' therapy? Tell us in the DropBox below for your chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!