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What's Something Someone Did That Accidentally Turned You On?

I'm never eating ramen again.

I'm gonna cut to the chase: Weird things can make people horny.

Maybe someone you knew tried to dye their hair from brown to blonde, but it came out kinda reddish was strangely hot.

Or perhaps someone tripped and fell on you at a bat mitzvah and 13-year-old you found it deeply ~intimate~.

Or maaaaaaybe one of your coworkers was eating ramen for lunch one day, but the view from your cubicle blocked the ramen so you could only see her bobbing her head up and down, and it looked...funny.

So if you've ever had a strange, accidental turn-on moment, tell us about it in the DropBox below. Our fave submissions may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!! (And if not, please just disregard this whole post. Thx!!! 💁)